Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dans le jardin

So, I finally convinced myself (well, Bev did) that a bit of gardening was in order as it was still dry and a good time to resow the lawn. The existing lawn was pretty much just a field and pretty devoid of actual grass - so Patrique, from the next village, was put to action to rotavate and resow. He's a blinding gardener and, with a teeny bit of help from me and Bev, he had it done in a day and a half.

Meanwhile Bev set to trimming up the grape vines and I hacked up the nasty old coal bunker. The geezer at the local tip (decheterie) got to know me and my trailer pretty well over the next few days.

A few pics of work-in-progress then - and since we got back from Madrid the grass has started to spring up nicely. Over the Winter I'm planning to move the woodshed, build a patio, put a fence up to cover the nasty breezeblock wall at the far end and add a gazebo. Not much then ...