Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Corme Royal House

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More househunting

So, the househunting continues ...
The number of houses viewed must be well past fifty now and we've looked at the details of probably hundreds - getting really hard to keep track of what we've looked at and exactly why they've been discounted. We've put offers in on three different houses (the La Brousse house, the St Romain House & a house in Soue (not pictured)) since Christmas and been knocked back on all occasions - I think this means we are cheap bastard carpet-baggers :^) but we're determined not to get stitched up in a plummeting market. The extra expense of buying a house over here is pretty outrageous; up to ten percent (!) for the estate agent, approx seven percent for fees and taxes at the notaire stage. Pretty much all the houses we've seen also 'need work' to some degree and artisans don't come cheap as their own taxes are high and they must guarantee all work for ten years. Or they think we are mugs.
Have to say it's hard being 'without a house' as I kind of like pottering and fixing stuff. The pile of DIY and renovation book pron is mounting as I hanker to get my teeth stuck into a house project ...

The weather is getting warmer. Oh how we laughed when we saw the BBC News showing the UK under thick snow and the usual travel chaos and media whining and complaints about gritting etcetera. At least we were smug until we had a few storms over this way; high winds unlike any I've ever experienced before, strong enough almost to knock you over. Surprisingly little building damage, although I guess most of the houses are built of stone. The weather did knock the satellite dish out, mind, and I've had to suffer no Match of The Day for the last three weeks. Hopefully the satellite man is coming tomorrow! :^D

The Jack Russell pups next door are getting ready to leave for their new homes: the boys were allowed to name them and they ended up as Rufus (in honour of Phil and Jackie's dog), Patch, Snowy (the biggest and totally white), Olly and Rosie. Rosie is the girl pup and the only one that will stay. On the plus side Kiara (the huge white german shepherd that lives there too) has finally decided that she's not going to eat the pups and that they're actually horrid, irritating pests as they all try to bite her at once.

I'm back in the UK for business in the first week of March (first items on the agenda - proper beer and pie) and then back 'en famille' at the end of April.