Thursday, 9 April 2009


I've neglected the blog of late but then we've been busy ... and bought a house. It's the one pictured below at Corme Royal, a nice little village about 5ks from where we are currently renting. It's bang smack in the centre, a sinner's crawl from the church and equally near the bakers and most importantly the bar (in fact I think I may be able to hop over the back wall if I'm in a hurry). It's a traditional Charentaise stone townhouse, with 'some work' to do to finish and there'll be plenty of room for visitors: please bring a paintbrush.

The boys are doing well at school and are beginning to grasp the finer points of French vocabulary. Bev practices hers with the local Mums when she drops the boys off at school, picking up all the local idioms when she can keep up. I continue to speak French like a half-wit and wish I could have been bothered more at school. Harry's football team have continued after the midWinter break and after a couple of storming games have now reached the final of Le Cup, to be played next month sometime. Followers of youth football from the UK will be pleased to learn that French youth football is as full of colourful language (from the touchline) as back home although, in general, the players seem better behaved.

We had a spell of beautifully warm weather a few weeks ago (hot enough for me to get my nose burnt, which I was hugely pleased about, it still being March) and Spring has definitely sprung. Apparently the weather in general this year has been particularly cold for the region and by now should be consistently mid-20s - yes please!

Other stuff going on 'down on the farm': Jim has been preparing his sail boat for a trip down the Medi to Valencia, the boat has been thoroughly painted and repaired and he's due to set sail in a few weeks; Farqua, the leader-of-the-pack horse has gone back to the rescue centre after she kicked one of the other horses - the other horses seem much happier without her; Rosie, the only remaining puppy, is getting stronger and spends most of her day chasing or biting any part of her mother that she can; two rabbits have been added to the menagerie after Jim found them running down the road.

A family return to the UK (planned for April) has been postponed because we're too busy with house stuff and trying to save a few Euros for unexpected bills and furniture. Yes, we have no furniture or white goods or anything really - not even a telly :^(

We're due to take possession of the house in late May, hopefully move in in June after the place has been rewired. Cross your fingers that the exchange rate remains kind when we have to pay for all this ...