Friday, 12 October 2007

Oh, saucissons!!

Meh. A setback. This may be getting a little bit out of hand ...

We received an email from our Estate Agent yesterday (we left it with her to get us a quote for repairs). Translation by BabelFish, my French isn't that great ...

"Madam, Sir,

In did answer, we find 2 craftsmen who estimated work at 130 000? and to 150 000? approximately. None agreed to make us an in writing detailed estimate before you engaged because several solutions are possible. It is the restoration of the large garage which is most important. The wall side garden must be entirely remakes as well as the roof if we do not want that the principal building is damaged. The craftsmen advise us begin with work from the garage or to destroy a part and to consolidate the other part of it. Several solutions are possible but must be seen with you on the spot. We do not have any plan for the moment, but we will take measurements.

We remain at your disposal.

Cordially ..."

So, the barn is falling down and needs to be repaired before the builders will consider starting work on the house. Beginning to wonder if the cost of house and repairs will come to a total cost of more than the house is worth. Will have to come up with a likely valuation post conversion to see whether the numbers add up or it's just a non-starter.

Also, going to look again at other houses in the area to see if there's anything which doesn't seem so much of a money pit.

List of items for builders quote :- (blah, blah - a list as long as your arm and then some ...)

EDIT: September 2008. I went back and had a look at this place the other day. Renovation is well under way and by the look of it (from the outside there's a lot to do). Some of the original charm has been lost - the tumbledown wall surrounding the side-garden has been totally rebuilt and is solid again - that's the way it is I s'pose. Bev is going to go back and ask to have a look inside ...

Friday, 21 September 2007


'Here is the clock, the Trumpton clock. Telling the time steadily, sensibly, never too quickly, never too slowly. Telling the time for Trumpton'.
So said Brian Cant in the 1967 animation. I think of Brian and all his puppety chums (the Mayor, Chippy Minton, Nibbs, Miss Lovelace etcetera) as I wonder what the f***ing hell we may be letting ourselves in for with this project .....

A few pictures then, of how it all looks over the first few viewings ...

Map of location

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